Do we build hospitals for those in good health?

Today’s message Where should the sick go, but to see a physician?Glorious Rizing sisters and brothers of the Living God Ahyyah Eshu, (the I am that I am and my pillar of fire)In my travels and dealings with mankind, I am posed many questions about “THE CHURCH” and her goings on and doings.But, one questionContinue reading “Do we build hospitals for those in good health?”

It’s A Good Day To Live

Happy Tuesday everyone.This is the day that the Lord has made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it.I am grateful every day to open my eyes and wiggle my toes.I am again amongst the living for one more day!I am reminded that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.The very breadth andContinue reading “It’s A Good Day To Live”

Brother’s Keeper

Glorious Rising Sunz of God! “Brothers Keeper” Now, when God came to visit, He asked Cain of Able’s where abouts, Cain responded “am I my brothers keeper?We know God already knew what demise Cain had brought to Able when God questioned his where abouts.I’d like to look at it in this way . Two childrenContinue reading “Brother’s Keeper”