” If I Were God”

Oh no, my children and creations. For good reason at Babble I divided you into separate nations. No, no my children destroy the earth. They can’t see value nor her worth. Why can’t you see I created everything, to service YOU. The trees, waters, and winds they oxygen YOU. You destroy all Ive given aContinue reading “” If I Were God””

Everybody Gotta Past

” Everybody’s Got A Past” So he’s got an ex and I raised my hand ✋ to be his next.I’m not worrying about her 👧 getting him back from my love ❤ from me.You see my love includes all of me, mind, body and wholey I’m spiritually eternally gonna be with him til we ascendContinue reading “Everybody Gotta Past”

My Hair

When I was young mommy wasn’t around to tend to me. They said your hair is your crown, its your glory. You gotta keep it tamed and down. You not gone look like no chicken here with me running around. My Aunt would pull and tug it, iron and press it, but always a messContinue reading “My Hair”