“Black Girl You’re Not As Pretty As The Other Girls”

    Hey there black girl. You’re beautiful just as you are; youre the truth in the story of beings being the image of God.     So what your lips and hips are thick. There are folk who pay to have your lips and hips some have died and many willing to get sick to be yourContinue reading ““Black Girl You’re Not As Pretty As The Other Girls””


Emptiness churning in darkness a voice muffled from the insanity of the whisperers, echoes carried in the wind of all those who came and went out and in, no one left to stand by in the end. Twisted emotionally entangled with hearts that eventually mangle it’s victim’s soul, it’s first to be strangled, spirit quicklyContinue reading “Lonliness”

Joyfully I Dance in The Skin I’m in

I dance in the sun because the living blue black light melanin is dancing and combusting it’s living light reflection of Rah in my skin, I dance in the rain because Ogun has nourished my organs and joints. I dance in the dirt because Gaya has molded me in her likeness, my hair is myContinue reading “Joyfully I Dance in The Skin I’m in”