At Last

At Last:
Time tested, weathered and worn, heart broken, tethered and torn, mourning and longing, hoping, praying, fasting and waiting, growing and learning, earned and deserving, tried, true, and blue, longsuffered, torment, trusted those who shouldn’t be trusted for belonging the soul lusted even in the end thought to unravel withstood all the battles_standing strong within your own rights only time can count the faithful nights you’ve given- your heart soul energy and prayers on behalf of this world and the inhabitants within her, now timeless one it is your turn to be free to find love, desire, passion it’s yours for the taking, your loins are still young guird yourself up it’s time to run have fun!

Kin to the WIND

♫Kin to the WIND💞;
I’m some kin to the WIND, so are you my friend_it is the breath of God that binds us, yes we’re kin thro-ugh the wi^nd.
I’m some kin to the river, the Ocean is my grandmother yes Gaia is the uterus_that I was formed from_and too was my brother father and mother; yet I am kin to the forest, yes every tree once was like me. I am up and animate_NOW_I shall return this clay to the land at a later date_ o I shant go there, I’m kin to the mountain I am kin to the flower though it may fade a lil faster, we’re still kin through the master yes I am kin to the fowls, my sister_is a butterfly, and a rabbit is my best friend. I AM kin to everything the WIND can touch because of the Master_Because the Master’s breath_is carried wi-th-in the….., WIND🌐! ♫

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