Dream Encounter

When I think of the arts and the great philosophers of life who have gone before me, I long for a time when those great minds and souls will return to the earth so we all can gather around my porch or wood stove, or in my back yard looking at the stars. Enlighting and building the vibration of another up, filling cup after cup with epiphanies, and ideals, theories, and thesis, hypothesis and test reports, this would be a dream world for me, to talk to Plato, or debate Socrates would completely bring me to my knees, rhapsodies with Shakespeare and dancing on every word of Michael Angelo as he explains why and how each brush tip is importantly designed for specific strokes, I would even like to hear from Paul Revere and Mark Twain, and many other folk, who’ve painted a literary walk-way for my minds eye to run, leap, and play. I would inform these great minds that it was they, who created my wrinkle in time. It was their stories and arguments that occupied my mind when I could have been on the suicide line. It is literacy and word mastery that has really allowed my mind to be kept stable through all my life tests from 3-43 yes I do believe in the power of words. I’m still alive and standing you see, word magic works for me.

Getting to know Michelle

A powerful cosmic dance begins between two seperate originating winds, gusts of lust, fear, fury, darkness, guilt and shame and pain, tangoed with joy, harmony, faith, love, light, purity, innocence and healing rains, it is my beginning and from where I became.

I have no roots nor origin, to lay claim to on this foreign desolate plain. This flesh cloth suit I just meagerly maintain, and it’s desires that it imprisons me by, were learned and engrained into my psyche, causing me to believe what is happening around me, and that it must be the reality; those terrible cards dealt to me.

Then one day I had an epiphany; what if I created my reality to be exactly the person I’d love to be? So piece by piece, block by block, I began to tare down walls, and just like that I found zillions of boxes filled with wisdom, faith, and love, that needed to be unpacked, for the universe had loaded my sacks, with many strategies on how to bring the human in humanity back.

I live I love I transcend


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