Kin to the WIND

♫Kin to the WIND💞;
I’m some kin to the WIND, so are you my friend_it is the breath of God that binds us, yes we’re kin thro-ugh the wi^nd.
I’m some kin to the river, the Ocean is my grandmother yes Gaia is the uterus_that I was formed from_and too was my brother father and mother; yet I am kin to the forest, yes every tree once was like me. I am up and animate_NOW_I shall return this clay to the land at a later date_ o I shant go there, I’m kin to the mountain I am kin to the flower though it may fade a lil faster, we’re still kin through the master yes I am kin to the fowls, my sister_is a butterfly, and a rabbit is my best friend. I AM kin to everything the WIND can touch because of the Master_Because the Master’s breath_is carried wi-th-in the….., WIND🌐! ♫

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