Review ” Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” ⭐

This movie was the ultimate let down for those of us who desire to know the history of a person.

The script did nothing to let you into the life of Ma Rainey. You get no childhood story, no relationship problems she overcame, nothing inspirational about this person.

What in fact I did gather from the character of Ma Rainey, is she knew how to handle her business and she was a touch bit arrogant.

Now, Levee the trumpet player you learn all about his how and why he was who he was.

The movie should have been titled “Ma Rainey’s trumpet player.” Since Chadwick was the true star of this movie.

I’d like to see titles of movies coincide the script and storyline.

This movie was a let down, for Ma Rainey and those who were looking to get a closer look into this legendary woman’s life.

Never write a Biography on someone you know nothing about. A friend of mine said and I quote him saying ” the movie left me feeling like I had been dropped off on a dead end one-way road.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom gets a one ⭐ review for me, because there was only one star, but that star was not the main character who the movie was supposed to be about.✊🏾

Ferverent Prayer

God protect everyone who sees this post. Cover and keep them from hurt, harm, or danger. Be a sheild all around them. Give them their meat and bread for this day. Make their work easy. Let no offence come their way. Heal any broken parts of them. Mend their hearts from any pains. Strengthen their minds to endure this life experience. Grant them favor, mercy, and kindness. Prove your love for those you love, and let your love abound from one heart to another. Bless them in their coming and in their going let your loving guiding hand be ever with them in the city and in the field, to keep them from evil and falling, and to bless them with your loving presence, so that they know you will always be with them.
I give you praise honor and glory, I ask all things in your son Eshiu name.

Our God Is Awesome.

It’s amazing to me how many people don’t believe in God, or doubt His magnanimous power. I am more than a believer I am a be and liver.

Let me share my testimony with you. My daughter was shot in the head 3 Sundays ago and God crumpled the bullet. A lot of doubters say she was only grazed by the bullet. They don’t understand the power of true worship and right relationship with God. She has not been harmed by this bullet. .25 but it was lodged between her scalp and skull. Thanking God right now for His awesome miraculous power. She was not grazed she was shot and God blocked it. Still in prayer for her to have no late onsets or residual effects.
The doctors were amazed as soon as he cut the skin the bullet fell out skull wasn’t penetrated or cracked.

I have a picture of the wound but at my daughter’s discretion I will not put it on public display.

You must be and live God is.

Sincerely yours, Rhonda Michelle Rankin Evans💓

I love everyone!

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