Olive Garden Salisbury, NC 🌟🌟🌟

Eggplant Parmesan

So, I took my sister out for a late birthday and day after mother’s day meal.

I was excited because I truly favor Italian cuisine. My second oldest daughter gifted me a $25. gift card to any Darden restaurant. I have always been a fan of Darden. I worked 5 years at Olive Garden and owned stock in Darden.

I was dissappointed with the greetimg, we sat looking around for a server for at least 5 minutes or more. I was dissappointed in the server not bringing out salad and bread until it was nearly time for the entre.

We both decided to go easy on our drinks, because the way service looked thus far we may choke on our food. I wanted the day to go well because I feel like I owe my sister some TLC, covid has limited our socializing.

I’m a jokester so I kept my sister laughing and entertained. My thought process is “never again” this was less than I would give in service or train servers to give.

Salisbury Olive Garden let me down once more. The Chicken Carbonara was tasty to my sister, but the eggplant parmesan (my ultimate favorite) was priced $2 more, which I attribute to Christos not offering it on their menu anymore. Which is a crying shame, they are true Italian cuisine at its best.

I came in the spirit to tip big, I was feeling blessed and I desired to pass the blessing on. My plan was to tip $15 and that ended up lowering to my actual tip of $5 which is the least I will give anyone serving me.

I was dissappointed because I was not the star I expected Olive Garden to present me as with such poor service. When I eat out I’m known to love good food, good ambience, good conversation and good service.

Service gets 1star food 2 stars it was not very tasty, overall I give this visit 3 stars. Olive Garden step your game up or hire a trainer (ME) to train your staff to be more friendly attentive and welcoming, also the recipes need to be consistent across the continent. I should not get familiar with a flavor or taste in one city and find myself in want in another city.

Pep up your game OG.🌟🌟🌟

Prayer That Gets Results


Come to the Secret Place

Live I Say unto YOU Live!

Blessed Sabbath Sisters and brothers

It is the day before resurrection Sunday!
Is there anything dead in your life? Dead dreams, dead goals and aspirations?

With the power that our Lord has in his voice to tell Lazarus to get up after he was stinking 3 days and he rose! All glory to God!

The same God that breathe life into clay and it became animated flesh! Hallelujah!

The same God that rose Jesus from the grave on the third day, has given His breath to you.

Jesus said at his ascension “greater things ye shall do.”
Use your voice to speak to those dead things in your life tell them to get up and live.

As the old writer says in the book of Ezekiel ” Can these bones live” and I say to you only you know.
Raise up and shout for the power is within YOU.

You shall live and not die, you shall see your dreams come to fruition. You will accomplish that which your grandparents before you did start but could not complete.

You shall run and not faint you shall mount up on the wings of eagles.
Children of God now is your time. Live and shine your light!

Be godly be blessed be a blessing.

I love everyone
Chaplain Evans

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