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Where we sit down and chat with the Angels

Michelle’s Nook is here to show by life example, and to teach love. My duty to my Father and Creator is to point you to your heart always.
I write random poems of life and love, some from my views, and some from what I have observed and learned from others.
I write reviews on food and rest services.
Gardening is a passion of mine as well, sharing photos of what I

Published Writer: 2020

TwinFlames Merging Lifestyles.

Life experience:

Helping couples bond deeper and often times connect more spiritually than they ever imagined for over 20 years.

     “Michelle has talked to Angels since she has been able to speak. I know I gave birth to her.”-Amanda M

“TwinFlames is a wonderful love story, that will lift you up and take you off into a wonderful fantasy, that can be easily recreated in your own reality”-Yolanda B.


Bringing love and relationships back to the fore front. Healing nations one couple at a time.

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