Our God Is Awesome.

It’s amazing to me how many people don’t believe in God, or doubt His magnanimous power. I am more than a believer I am a be and liver.

Let me share my testimony with you. My daughter was shot in the head 3 Sundays ago and God crumpled the bullet. A lot of doubters say she was only grazed by the bullet. They don’t understand the power of true worship and right relationship with God. She has not been harmed by this bullet. .25 but it was lodged between her scalp and skull. Thanking God right now for His awesome miraculous power. She was not grazed she was shot and God blocked it. Still in prayer for her to have no late onsets or residual effects.
The doctors were amazed as soon as he cut the skin the bullet fell out skull wasn’t penetrated or cracked.

I have a picture of the wound but at my daughter’s discretion I will not put it on public display.

You must be and live God is.

Sincerely yours, Rhonda Michelle Rankin Evans💓

I love everyone!

Published by stormy144

I am a well rounded person due to being abused abandoned and orphaned as a child I was tossed from home to home being raised by various races and cultures, I went off in life young being emancipated from the state at 16 I ventured off to learn various religions and occult practices although during times in my two grandmother's homes Christianity was the staple thesis. I have looked for love in every wrong place I have commuted every sin and taboo and live to return the stories to the masses. I have lived and married 3 different men and gave birth to 7 different children which ultimately I raised 4 single handed and beat all the odds and statistics for one who comes from my background and I am now here to share how and answer questions that perplex the masses.

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