Hendrix Bbq Spencer NC⭐⭐1/2

My disappointment is after 3 failure to performs
I ordered fried hard/over hard

This is over medium, hard or over hard is well done, not wet and mushy.

I don’t do raw or partially raw poultry nor do appreciate my favorite breakfast joint failing me so consistently the last few times I’ve ordered since Corona started.

I’m even more angry because they can put a name with a face and I always tip favorably. So is it ME? (???) What’s the deal?

Hendrix does have a named history of not taking to kindly to folk like myself. They don’t really hire us.

I liked them for the excellent food. Not for the welcome feeling, although no one has intentionally offended me.

This a very bad experience as my husband promised to get me breakfast for taking care of him so well after his recent hip replacement. I felt like I earned an excellent breakfast. I chose Hendrix😭😭😭😭😭😭

For the past 9 months I encouraged my husband to support my favorite restaurants during the pandemic. I understand the cooks and servers plight, serving 25 years of my life. I was @ TGI Friday’s Wake Forest Blvd Raliegh N. C. during the 08/09 mini recession as well as Olive Garden Capital Blvd Raliegh N. C.

I was not only a server/trainer and QT head, but, I was one of the minds that kept both of my stores afloat being pinned pictured and paid for my ideas that worked. AKA(Rhonda Stevens/Daye)

Hendrix what’s the problem? Do you need new servers, cooks, or both? Either someone isn’t writhing the orders right, or someone either can’t read or cook, or or or you’re tired of my money. That’s 1. No biscuit and butter with one order after order was confirmed, 2. Flounder wasn’t thoroughly cooked/batter wet not fried. 3. Semi raw egg, when ordered fried hard/over hard. I’m done you get 2& 1/2 stars.

Published by stormy144

I am a well rounded person due to being abused abandoned and orphaned as a child I was tossed from home to home being raised by various races and cultures, I went off in life young being emancipated from the state at 16 I ventured off to learn various religions and occult practices although during times in my two grandmother's homes Christianity was the staple thesis. I have looked for love in every wrong place I have commuted every sin and taboo and live to return the stories to the masses. I have lived and married 3 different men and gave birth to 7 different children which ultimately I raised 4 single handed and beat all the odds and statistics for one who comes from my background and I am now here to share how and answer questions that perplex the masses.

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