My last nights cry

I cried last night, not because I was lonely, not because I have so many bills that I cannot pay, not because I had a horrible day, but because I found love can be debilitating. Some forms of love can handicap the receivers, love can enable people to not strive and thrive for themselves.

I cried last night because love can get you stuck in a rut on a carrousel, that is hard to get off. I cried because I want to be free, not from love, but from a loves prison created by me! I cried last night because I had to choose between continuing my lovecapade with you, or freely love me. I cried because you threw guilt on me and said it was my love that you never could see. I cried myself to sleep and reality finally hit me! I gave you everything every part of me. I cried until my eyes swelled shut and slept well, and guess what? I dreamed of me letting you grow and face the world alone as I danced through a field of flowers to a very happy song! When I awoke I realized what my subconscious always knew, that loving me doesn’t mean I don’t love you! It just means that we have grown and we must go on our separate ways and soon you realized how cutting cords leads us to stronger wiser better days! I was dependent on you as well because you kept me from being unneeded and in a lonely hell. But, we both will be ok you see because now we can both spread our wings and the love we will still continue to share will be the wind beneath our wings that gives us the power to rise and sail! So this isn’t good bye nor farewell but it is do good in life stay in touch and let us both do well!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Published by stormy144

I am a well rounded person due to being abused abandoned and orphaned as a child I was tossed from home to home being raised by various races and cultures, I went off in life young being emancipated from the state at 16 I ventured off to learn various religions and occult practices although during times in my two grandmother's homes Christianity was the staple thesis. I have looked for love in every wrong place I have commuted every sin and taboo and live to return the stories to the masses. I have lived and married 3 different men and gave birth to 7 different children which ultimately I raised 4 single handed and beat all the odds and statistics for one who comes from my background and I am now here to share how and answer questions that perplex the masses.

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