Live I Say unto YOU Live!

Blessed Sabbath Sisters and brothers

It is the day before resurrection Sunday!
Is there anything dead in your life? Dead dreams, dead goals and aspirations?

With the power that our Lord has in his voice to tell Lazarus to get up after he was stinking 3 days and he rose! All glory to God!

The same God that breathe life into clay and it became animated flesh! Hallelujah!

The same God that rose Jesus from the grave on the third day, has given His breath to you.

Jesus said at his ascension “greater things ye shall do.”
Use your voice to speak to those dead things in your life tell them to get up and live.

As the old writer says in the book of Ezekiel ” Can these bones live” and I say to you only you know.
Raise up and shout for the power is within YOU.

You shall live and not die, you shall see your dreams come to fruition. You will accomplish that which your grandparents before you did start but could not complete.

You shall run and not faint you shall mount up on the wings of eagles.
Children of God now is your time. Live and shine your light!

Be godly be blessed be a blessing.

I love everyone
Chaplain Evans

The Love Story of All Lifetimes “Twin Flames”

The Real life story made into fantasy and self help!

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