” If I Were God”

Oh no, my children and creations. For good reason at Babble I divided you into separate nations.

No, no my children destroy the earth. They can’t see value nor her worth.

Why can’t you see I created everything, to service YOU. The trees, waters, and winds they oxygen YOU. You destroy all Ive given a self sustaining system to keep you living.

My children, my children, you’re causing my womb to hurt, to burn, and quake. My sun heating up her layers, boiling rivers, drying up her lakes. Fires popping up and volcanoes erupting. Labor pains caused shaking, opening up the crust en

Yet, still you’re soaked in greed, envy and lusts. It’s a must, you see the error of your ways because, I already spoke and my word is still the same, yesterday AND today!

Tomorrow I come quickly like a thief in the night, grabbing my chosen. I’m not thinking twice.

You say, why has God done this and that to me? I say, I sent all people a set of rules to serve me. I said repent, I know what pleases ME, sent my only begotten, to purchase you back to me.

You go on about your way, ” Do as you will” is what y’all say. Look around, you’re living in prophecy. Don’t doubt one day you gotta come see me.

If I were God I’d be crying, my children, my children are dying, dying away, away from my truth, away from my love, away from ME. Oh my belly rolling, oh it’s rumbling, it aches, my heart would surely fail.

Because you humans turned my dream creation, into a living hell!

Everybody Gotta Past

” Everybody’s Got A Past”

So he’s got an ex and I raised my hand ✋ to be his next.
I’m not worrying about her 👧 getting him back from my love ❤ from me.
You see my love includes all of me, mind, body and wholey I’m spiritually eternally gonna be with him til we ascend above, love see.
I give him me freely, when I know he’s right I quickly agree, I never intentionally make him angry.
There’s a world outside our door ready to hang him, shoot him, loot and accuse him, murder and abuse him.
I must protect him, calm, heal and fuse with him.
Yes he has had other lovers, but I am the one for this brother. I love him period. He’s gotta soul and spirit, that I hear calling me, even if no one else can hear it.
It’s not your business if I’ve heard the word or any of the little bird-eeez, please believe Ive heard about you too. Yep, I know what you do.
You run around stirring up chaos and confusion because you can’t sustain union.
Let me clear up your fog you have a better chance convincing a prince he was once a frog.
I’m not listening to no mess and then ruin my blessing that God has finally given after fourty-three years of liven, sad broken and alone. Please flesh of his flesh bone of his bone. I’m gonna ride for him til my last breath is gone. You better leave us alone.
Everybody gotta past, can you say you ain’t got one?????
Then, kiss our xxx!

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