Do we build hospitals for those in good health?

Today’s message

Where should the sick go, but to see a physician?
Glorious Rizing sisters and brothers of the Living God Ahyyah Eshu, (the I am that I am and my pillar of fire)
In my travels and dealings with mankind, I am posed many questions about “THE CHURCH” and her goings on and doings.
But, one question sticks in my spirit as a challenge to be explored thoroughly and without prejudice.
The QUESTION: why do churches hold 11 am services? Are they doing it for the folk who hung out all night at the club? Are they doing it for those lazy sinners who can’t get up on time like everybody else?
My ANSWER: Yes! Period!
Now, to explain. Jesus was not sent to the saved, but to seek and save that which is lost.
I ask YOU a question. What well man seeks a doctor? If I am well, there is no need for a physician.
No, the hospital is for the sick as the Church is for the sinner.
My next question is, how long do saved people have to sit in services before they understand and know the word enough to go out and seek those who are lost? How long must you sit in a pew before you have enough fire to go into the trenches and draw out the lost?
My theory is those who are there every Sunday professing to be saved yet not drawing in the sinner are the sickest amongst us all.
So, yes the Church should accommodate the sinner, since that’s what churches were built for originally, to extend the hand of God to the lost.
Children of God let’s not get side tracked on method and lose the mission.
I love everyone
Chaplain Evans
Be the WORD

It’s A Good Day To Live

Happy Tuesday everyone.
This is the day that the Lord has made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it.
I am grateful every day to open my eyes and wiggle my toes.
I am again amongst the living for one more day!
I am reminded that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.
The very breadth and with of the earth is His foot rest.
The mere opening of your door and walking outside places your feet right in His courtyards, you don’t have to wait til Sunday to enter into His courts with thanksgiving or into His gates with praise.
You can lift up your hands and voice wherever you are! We should rejoice for He has made us glad!
Hallelujah half of my being is God is God’s and must be submitted back to God daily.
Arize Lights of The Most High.
The world is a dark place without you. You gotta shine as bright as the Sun. You are a beacon of hope to the who are lost trying to find the way.

I love everybody
Chaplain Evans

Brother’s Keeper

Glorious Rising Sunz of God!

“Brothers Keeper”

Now, when God came to visit, He asked Cain of Able’s where abouts, Cain responded “am I my brothers keeper?
We know God already knew what demise Cain had brought to Able when God questioned his where abouts.
I’d like to look at it in this way . Two children where sent out together by their parent. When it’s dinner time and mom calls you in to eat, she is expecting both children to return. If you ran home and left your sibling, your mom would say “go back and get your brother for dinner. And you better not come back without him.”
Now, imagine if you had harmed your sibling and your mom was asking you to go back and find them.
This is where Cain would say ” I’m not His keeper.”

Are you your brother/sisters keeper?
Do you cause harm to your siblings?
Do you backstab your siblings?
Do you harbor envy for your siblings?
Do you check on them to see if they are well?
Do you lend them a hand when you’re able?
Do you pray for them to cover them from evil?
Do you defend and protect them from the harshness of life’s reality?
What say you?
Are you your brother’s keeper?
I am my brother/sisters keeper.
When God asks me where is my sibling I would like to say here or there Lord, but also with me in my heart and deeds!


Chaplain Evans
I love everybody
Be blessed 5/24/2021

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