The Darkness

Ive accepted the darkness inspected the crevices turned over every stone and hen house, out house wreckage, and plumage.

I delved deep into the darkness, turning about, inside out outside, deeper inside me inside my mind, inside my soul and entered a black hole ever falling into triple blackness. In my darkness.

In my darkness there is madness and chatter and laughter and matters people don’t speak of outside of the darkness in broad day light. Shh say less youre a mess in the darkness I’m stressed.

Because I know with no doubt that my darkness is light, living light, blue black matter combusting upon itself. Absorbing and reflecting God’s sunlight and life.

My internal darkness is what I had to fight, the one that keeps you up in the middle of the night. Robbing you of rest and peace to worry in the darkness of night. Staying up late wondering what ain’t right?

Digging in more I saw a glimmer of the core a golden glimmer of light in the darkness of my internal light. The closer I drew the more the light grew. I began to praise God like I never knew before, it was the spirit of God in me revealed as I drew closer the more.

I found true light and love in the darkness; for in the darkness is where I was forced to find God!

Pastors Anniversary Poem

Oh how auspicious is this day, that we gather together to celebrate, a powerful man of God we congratulate!
For all your service and time, you are appreciated for keeping us on God’s mind. Through your prayers for healing, peace, and joy, and all other concerns you’ve mediated. You are appreciated.
Thank you for your willingness to go on our behalf, representing us for the Father, along your journies and many paths.
So glad to know you as a friend, leader and guide. With strong confidence we send you throughout the world swelled with pride.
We thank you for all you do and have done. You have exhibited that, through it all you are truly, God’s son.
So continue to grow and evolve in truth and love. Leading us all to the light in this darkest hour. We salute you our Pastor, run in love, valour, and holy ghost power!
We love you

Super 8 Salisbury, N. C./⭐⭐

Sooo, I really didn’t want to give such a poor review, especially after having my room upgraded at the last minute to an actual jaccuzi room as I reserved through

Let’s start with I went on the app because it is my favorite booking service. When I looked to book I typed in my requests. I requested an early check in and a Jacuzzi because it was my husband and myself first year wedding anniversary. I wanted everything to go as smooth as possible. Its not like covid19 hasnt had us stuck in the house with one another day in and out since “I Do”. So I really wanted to spice things up. I requested an early check in so I could place my rose petals and what not to surprise my husband.

Well, to my sad surprise was not responsible for booking what I requested. I wasnt pleased and had anxiety all the day, as we could not check in at twelve, the attendant at Super 8 informed me did not express my request for early entry.

We checked in at 3pm December 31st 2020 our 1 year anniversary, and to my surprise the attendant upgraded my room from a plain king to a Jacuzzi room. This made me extremely emotional and happy. This is why I hate to give such a poor review.

Now, call me uppity or whatever you chose, but I dont have roaches at home, and I should not be charged $80 per night in a small town such as Salisbury, N. C. to spend to night with roaches and possibly infest my own home.

I sent my husband away to go pick up our dinner for the evening. I needed time to toss my rose petals and write a candy heart message as well as fill the jaccuzi.

They started coming out of the woodwork literally. I killed two before my husband returned. I took pictures to show management, they somehow disappeared from my device, surprisingly after my Wi-Fi and location were turned on by no action of my own. We fought six roaches before 9pm when the woman at the desk finally called to see if we wanted to be moved.

Now, with covid out here I can understand not having staff to prepare breakfast. My hitch with the Super 8 is they advertised the continental breakfast up until the night before it was to happen and then only put up signs to tell us there would be no breakfast, but coffee and juice. I was looking forward to 4-5 ⭐ service and was barely met with 2 ⭐ more like second class treatment.

On top of it all last but hilariously not least, no monitoring and shabby security led to my walk down to my car, into the discovery of a body at the bottom of the stairs. This tells me the monitor are not being watched becausr there was a camera directly over where the man lay.

With that being said I will not use the the Super 8 in Salisbury N. C. ever again unless they are under new management. I do not recommend Super 8. As far as I’m going to use a better service, who actually cares what their name is atrached to.

Super 8/ 1⭐⭐ put them together and they yeild a whopping 2⭐ review.

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